Total Defense Anti-Virus Review

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Total Defense Anti-Virus Review – Small but Fast and Powerful AntiVirus

The popularity of fast scanning antivirus is rising day by day. Nobody likes to wait for a long time to complete a routine scan. If scanning speed is an important factor for you alongside accurate malware and virus detection in choosing antivirus, Total Defense Anti-Virus is the best option.

What is Total Defense Anti-Virus?

Total Defense Anti-VirusTotal Defense Anti-Virus is a combative spyware and virus detecting software to protect computer from safety threats. It does not require too much space on your computer. It has a cloud-based scanning system and scans files during downloads so that your computer always stays safe.

Why We Need Total Defense Anti-Virus?

There are plenty of malicious programs available on the internet looking to steal your personal information. If you are not protected well, these contents may steal your personal data. There are also files designed to hamper your natural flow of work. So a computer without the perfect shield of Total Defense Anti-Virus is very much vulnerable to online threats.

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Total Defense Anti-Virus Review in Detail

Installation and Setup

Total Defense Anti-Virus follows an easy and straightforward installation process. The installation can be completed very quickly. Total Defense Anti-Virus offers a free software with each download to help out the users in installing the antivirus. If you can not install the antivirus software properly, this helping software will find out the problems for you and let you solve it with ease.

Interface and Features

Total Defense AntiVirus has a user friendly interface to work with. The Dashboard of Total Defense Anti-Virus is simple and designed to help the users in finding the necessary menus quickly.

Total Defense Anti-Virus has the new cloud-based scanner technology to detect virus and malware threats. This technology ensures a larger malware database which means more malwares can be detected using Total Defense Anti-Virus. Cloud Scanning compares your files against a trusted list of files to provide you the maximum possible security. With the Download Defender feature, Total Defense Anti-Virus monitors data transfer. As a result, files containing any security threat will be quarantined before they can do any damage to your computer system. This feature monitors your downloads to remove all kinds of hidden threats.

The scanning engine of Total Defense Anti-Virus is one of the fastest in the industry. Compared to standard scanning engines, it is almost eight times faster. This is a great feature as most of the users do not like to waste time scanning for security threats. With the fastest engine of Total Defense Anti-Virus, you can now quickly confirm top level security.
Total Defense Anti-Virus updates its features and malware signatures on regular basis. So your computer is always ready to fight against even the latest of safety threats and maintain a sound working environment for you.

Ease of use

The scanning engine of Total Defense Anti-Virus is developed to deliver the best performance for its users. Its ability to complete scanning in short period of time is highly convenient. Users can also enjoy the automatic scanning feature whenever they insert a new USB device in their system.

Help and Support

Total Defense Anti-Virus offers excellent customer support for its users. You can solve your technical issues using the helping software provided with the antivirus. You can also contact the technical support team of Total Defense using phone numbers provided on their website. Additionally, there is a blog on their official website where experts write on current security threats online and makes you aware of those.

Total Defense Anti-Virus Review: Conclusion

The fast scanning engine of Total Defense Anti-Virus is surely one of the most attractive features of this software. While fast scanning speed is great, this antivirus is also reliable in detecting and removing online threats for your computer system. Total Defense Anti-Virus costs $49.99. This package is even more appealing when you consider the offer that enables you to enjoy a further $20 discount on its listed price if you use our exclusive Total Defense Anti-Virus coupon code below.

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